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The Big Bang Family Day 2018

Family Day – Saturday 14th July 2018 

What’s on?

Head to Sutton High Street on Saturday, July 14, for a free, fun-filled Family Day as we round off our week-long celebration of science with a BIG BANG.

Follow the Science Trail and take part in terrific activities, workshops and events.

See what’s happening where below.

High Street - All Zones

Science Busking, 11am-4pm

Jon is a recovering scientist. Try as he might to leave it alone, he can’t escape science in his daily life. Armed with a trolley of junk to busk his science from, he will attempt to pass on the curse of never looking at the world in the same way.

Zone 1

Immersive Experiences, 11 am – 4 pm

Step inside our Immersive Experiences state-of-the-art inflatable 360 degrees planetarium to view our night sky and solar system. Outside Asda, High Street, Sutton.

Make the Universe, 11am-4pm

Make your own planet to take home. Craft activity stall, suitable for ages 3+. Opposite Asda, High Street, Sutton.

Zone 2

Teach Rex, 11.30am – 12pm and 2.30pm – 3pm

Come and meet Teach Rex, a giant animatronic TRex, in this roar-some interactive 30-minute show for children of all ages.
Test out his sense of smell, find out what he eats, play games and learn more about when dinosaurs roamed the earth.
Ground floor, St Nicholas Shopping Centre, High Street, Sutton

Warriorbots, 11am – 4pm

Watch and take part in epic battles between remote controlled LEGO brick Warriorbots.
Eight Warriorbots, each with their own unique character and a variety of brick-built weaponry, will compete in the Battle Arena.
The arena includes hazards and features that the Warriorbots will have to negotiate to be the last robot standing at the end of the bout.
3rd Floor, St Nicholas Shopping Centre, High Street, Sutton

Brick Mosaic, 11am – 4pm

Get involved in building a permanent Sutton feature – using Bricks.
Ground floor, St Nicholas Shopping Centre, High Street, Sutton

Slime Making, 11am – 12pm and 2pm – 3pm

Dig in and get slimy in this free workshop, suitable for children aged 6+. 2nd Floor, St Nicholas Shopping Centre, High Street, Sutton. Book your tickets here

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Build DNA, 11am – 4pm

What are we made of? Learn about DNA in this interactive and fun sweet activity. This workshop will reveal the vital part played by DNA in making each of us unique. Parents and children will compete against each other to make the perfect DNA helix. And as it is the Year of Engineering, the best structures will receive engineering certificates and goodies. Outside 124 High Street, Sutton

Pearsons Cycles, 11am – 4pm

Cycle through the ages with Pearsons Cycles. Visit their exhibition of bikes ranging from the Penny Farthing to the modern racing bike.
126 High Street, Sutton

Augmented Reality Cards, 11am – 4pm

Look out for the Big Bang Bot and visit Augmentify’s stand on the High Street to find out more and purchase augmented reality learning cards. Outside 124 High Street, Sutton

Smart Studio, 11am – 4pm

Outside 184 High Street, Sutton

Institute of Engineering and Technology, 11am – 4pm

Explore where electrical engineering and electronics can lead on a visit to the Institute of Engineering and Technology stall.
137-145 High Street, Sutton

Meccano, 11am – 4pm

Put your creative and building skills to the ultimate test at Meccano’s Big Bang stall.
They will have two tables – one with Junior Meccano suitable for ages 5 and up, the other with metal Meccano to create more complex builds for ages 8+.

Jace Training, 11am – 4pm

Visit the JACE Training team to find out about STEM training opportunities.

Soft Play Area, 11am – 4pm

Take some time out during the day and let the little ones enjoy some soft play at Easy Coffee Kiosk. Suitable for ages 0 – 3.
Ground floor, St Nicholas Shopping Centre, High Street, Sutton

Zone 3

Johnny Ball, talk 11am – 12.15pm, post-talk book signing 12.15pm – 2pm

TV personality Johnny Ball, who inspired a generation to enjoy and be confident mathematicians and scientists, will be joining the Big Bang celebrations and giving a talk on all things numbers at Waterstones. Best known for his award-winning TV shows including Think of a Number, Think Again and Johnny Ball Reveals All, he continues to write and work in broadcasting. His latest book, Wonders Beyond Numbers – A Brief History of all things Mathematical, was published last year. Waterstones, 71-81 High Street, Sutton. Book your free tickets here.

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Walk Through The Solar System, 11am – 4pm

Walk from the Sun to Mars in this massively scaled-down model of the solar system.
“Faster than the speed of light” tours of the planets will be delivered by science-artist Nick Sayers and an astronomy expert. The tour will examine the different scales and environments of these different planets. Between tours, Nick Sayers and the astronomer will be on hand to discuss the solar system and our place within it. This is a taster of a 4.5km bike tour, Cycle The Solar System, devised by the artist. Trinity Square, Sutton. Book your FREE tickets here.

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The Stixx Machine, 11am – 4pm

Use a STIXX machine to roll newspaper into a solid cylinder. Become a civil or structural engineer and use the STIXX and re-useable ties to build tall towers, bridges, chairs to sit on or a shelter large enough to get into. Or make curved rods then build models like Tower Bridge, The Gherkin or The Eiffel Tower. There are no limits to creativity! Outside 104-106 High Street, Sutton.

Lab in a Lorry, 11am – 4pm

Hop on board the Lab in a Lorry and try activities including: Portable Infrared Spectroscopy; HAL, the medical patient simulator; EV3 Lego Mindstorm robots; and a fluid fluorescent microscope. Outside 86 High Street, Sutton.

Institute of Civil Engineers

Find out about the art and science of civil engineering with the team from the Institute of Civil Engineers. Outside 104-106 High Street, Sutton.

Warrenders Jewellers, 11am – 4pm

Learn how precious metals and gems are used in everyday science and in cancer research during a visit to Warrenders Jewellers.
4-6 Cheam Road, Sutton.

Zone 4 - Manor Park, Throwley Way, Sutton

Eagle Heights, 11am – 4pm

Alan Ames, affectionately known as ‘Birdman’, and his birds of prey have been visiting schools for 25 years to teach children the importance of conserving their environment and the wildlife in it. Come and see these majestic birds up close and hear fascinating facts about their life in the wild.

Zorbing, 11am – 4pm

Experience the thrill of running around in a giant ball crashing and rolling as you try and negotiate your way around the course of the Land Zorb arena. Free and ticketed sessions available. Pre-book your session here.

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Sutton Nature Conservation Volunteers, 11am – 4pm

Meet Sutton Nature Conservation Volunteers and hear about their work to conserve and maintain Sutton’s many wildlife sites and how you can get involved.

Zone 5 - Sutton Grammar School, Greyhound Road, Sutton 11am-5pm

Sirius Astronomy

Journey into Space in this out of this world show filled with explosions, spacesuits, marshmallows and heroic pets.
Join Paul to find out how you get into space, how to survive once you are there and how you might get home safely to enjoy the glory! Book your FREE tickets here.

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Metabolight: See the changes in your brain’s chemistry when you start thinking.

Institute of Cancer Research (ICR)

What is a clinical trial – and what does taking part involve? The Clinical Trials and Statistics Unit at The Institute of Cancer Research will explain how clinical trials work, with a randomised trial that will put some statistics behind your sweet tooth.
Connections versus cancer: What do virtual reality, Guess Who and 3D printing have in common? Visit the stand to find out how the ICR gets to grips with huge volumes of cancer data. Come and have a try, see how scientists develop programs to help make sense of it all, spot connections, and create new knowledge about cancer that can lead to new treatments. The London Cancer Hub: Your chance to find out more about the plans for The London Cancer Hub. See the vision for the development, and how it will create a focal point for talented scientists and clinicians, a vibrant public space, and create opportunities for people living in Sutton. Book your FREE tickets here.

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Kings College London, Imaging and Biomedical Engineering

The Biomedical Engineering Department at King’s College London will be demonstrating medical robots for performing surgery and imaging of the body, wireless devices for measurement of blood pressure and pulse rate, augmented and virtual reality technology for learning about the body structure and 3D printing of body organs.

The Learning Partnership

Build and code a rocket-fuelled mini race car and then head outside to race for the line.
Find out how your school can apply for free kits and curriculum resources for Year 7 to create their own race-off.


Go bang, whizz and pop on an exciting journey through the world of science and technology on a series of hands-on workshops. Taste the chill of instantly frozen liquid nitrogen ice cream, learn how to fly your own hydrogen rocket, and extract your own DNA, with the help of GlamSci.

Robert’s Workshop

Robert’s Workshop provides handmade toy kits for children to explore science, technology, engineering and maths in a practical way. Come and give them a try at the Big Bang Family Day.

SuDS Sustainable Drainage Systems

The South East Rivers Trust and Sutton Council are working in partnership on the SuDS in Sutton’s Schools project. As more and more of our natural landscape is built over, rainwater is prevented from soaking into the ground. Instead it is flowing into drains and into our rivers, which can cause flooding. SuDS Sustainable Drainage Systems) are measures that slow the flow of rainwater rushing to the drains. Drop by the stall to find out more about the project and to test it for yourself.

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