The website for Sutton Town Centre
The website for Sutton Town Centre

Award Winning Sutton Buggy Service

Sutton Buggy

Our Award Winning Sutton Buggy

Successful Sutton offers everyone in need the opportunity to use our Award Winning Buggy Service throughout the week, driven by our infamous Junior, who is always about to offer assistance to those who need it.

The Sutton Buggy has been providing a valuable service in Sutton High Street since December 2013. Since its launch, Sutton Buggy has enhanced the shopping experience for the local community and ensured that the high street remains as accessible as possible for all.

Free, safe and comfortable, Sutton Buggy runs from Tuesday to Saturday’s between Tazza Coffee shop at the lower end of the high street to Foxtons at the higher end of the high street from 9.30am to 5.30pm, simply hail and ride. Please note, our buggy can only seat seven people at one time, there is space for folded prams (where possible).

The Sutton Buggy – Fast Facts

  • The Sutton Buggy carries over 78,000 passengers a year.
  • Our buggy has traveled around 35,000 miles since its launch.
  • Sutton High Street on average has around half a million visitors a week so a message on the buggy could be seen by a potential two million visitors per month.

Sponsorship Opportunities

The buggy is funded by Successful Sutton through the Business Levy with the support of sponsorship from other organisations.

It is currently sponsored by St Nicholas Centre for Santa’s Grotto.

Should you be interested in a sponsorship package, please contact us.